Appeared in the TOKYO Newspaper”TOKYO DONBURAKO – Mejirodai”  (Date:2016.11.26)

We will provide meals at AMPELMANN Cafe in Saitama X’mas market 2016.  (Date:2016.11.20)

25 November to 25 December

We opened “leckermaul” food stand in German Festival 2016 at Aoyama Park.  (Date:2016.11.03)

Appeared in TV TOKYO “HIRUMESHITABI”  (Date:2016.03.17)

Event Schedule of 2016  (Date:2016.01.15)

At Daiei Sangyo Booth!
April/ Frühlingsfest(Yokohama AKARENGA)
May/ Osaka German Festival (Nagai Park)
July/ Nagoya German Festival (Hisayaodori Park)
October/ Yokohama German Festival (Yokohama AKARENGA)
October/ Hukuoka German Festival (Reisen Park)

Featured in a Magazine”Tokyo Best Restaurant 2016″(大人のための極上レストラン)  (Date:2015.11.15)

Our recipe was posted on the German Embassy’s Cookpad page.  (Date:2015.10.14)

Our New Restaurant “leckermaul” will open September 1 in Mejirodai !  (Date:2015.08.04)

Address : 1-24-8 Mejirodai Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Tell : 03-6304-1225
Business hours : 11:30 – 15:00 (Lunch Time)
17:30 – 23:00 (Dinner Time) Sometimes close early
We will be open every day!

Closed Roppongi store!( For demolishing buildings.)  (Date:2015.03.31)

Thank you so much for coming.
See you in a new place!

Appeared in Nippon Television” ぶらり途中下車の旅”  (Date:2015.03.22)