Appeared in TBS  (Date:2013.04.27)

Appeared in TVK  (Date:2013.04.26)

Attended the Yokohama Fruhlings Fest  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 26 – May 6
Yokohama Red Bricks Warehouse

Attended the Food Festa at National-Azabu  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 28

Opened a catering car shop at Iias Tsukuba  (Date:2013.04.24)

2013 April 27 – 29 , May 3 – 6

Appeared in L4YOU  (Date:2012.12.20)

Appeared in Yajiuma-TV  (Date:2012.12.13)

Aired on J-WAVE  (Date:2012.12.03)

Attended the Xmas Market  (Date:2012.11.26)

December 2012
Roppongi Hills

Attended the fair of Germany and Northern Europe  (Date:2012.11.26)

December 2012
Hiroshima Mitsukoshi